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Blue Heart Ink offers a wide variety of services to cater for your every need. Whether you are looking to get a new piece of ink, a revamp of an existing piece or a cover-up, we are here listen to your ideas and help you achieve your vision. 
We are proud to provide a fully hygienic studio, an affordable service and all at the hands of our exceptional tattoo artists, who, without a doubt will turn your ideas into a piece of art you will be proud to wear...


Gift Voucher:

Want to surprise someone with a Tattoo gift voucher?

No problem, pop in the studio, we have them available all year round.


Savings Plan:

Really want a tattoo but do not feel you can afford to pay for it all right now?

No problem,  pop in and speak to our friendly staff who will be happy to explain to you about our Tattoo Savings Plan.


Private Room:

Are you worried about having an intimate tattoo?  

No problem, please ask about our "Private Room".

How can we help you ? 

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